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BASW Cymru response to Sir Peter Fahy's comments on social workers ‘tracking down’ missing teenagers

Robin Moulster, BASW Cymru Manager, said he was saddened by comments made by Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, regarding social workers spending time ‘tracking down’ missing teenagers rather than police officers.

Mr Moulster said "Sir Peter’s comments showed an ill-informed view of what social workers do. Furthermore, in the current climate of significant continuing public sector cuts, the answer to problems is not ’passing the buck’ to other over-stretched public servants but to promote effective models of joint working to keep vulnerable people safe."

"Perhaps Sir Peter should look at some excellent work happening elsewhere in the UK, for example, the Gwent Missing Children’s project in Wales. We need to work together to provide a more effective holistic service, rather than using other agencies as scapegoats or excuses", he added.