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BASW: our vision and aims for 2015-2020

We have great pleasure in being able to present to the BASW membership our proposed statement of a vision for the future of BASW as a member-led organisation.

Please click here to read the full document.

This document has been prepared following a wide-ranging consultation, and we would like to thank all those members who responded, in focus groups or by responding to our email questionnaire. In putting together this vision, BASW Council has also benefitted from the advice of our experienced staff team and those members who serve on our various committees.

We are now pleased to be able to open a further consultation period, this time on this document of our proposed vision and aims for BASW over the next five-year period. We will also have an opportunity to receive feedback on the vision from delegates at the UK Conference and AGM on Wednesday 29 April. We welcome views too from all other members and stakeholders, please click here to share your comments on the proposed vision statement for the future of BASW as a member-led organisation.

BASW Council wish to agree the final document of our vision and aims at their next meeting on 16 June.

To enable this to happen, the closing date for comments on what is proposed will be 18 May.

We look forward to receiving your views.