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Help us find the UK’s most influential social workers

Last month PSW launched a search to find the individuals you believe have had the biggest influence on social work in the UK.

The top five as chosen by you will be published in the Encylopedia of Social Work, a US-based international resource for students, scholars and practitioners.

This is a unique chance to promote and celebrate the best of social work so please get involved by emailing the one person you nominate to

The person you choose may be dead or alive and does not even need to be a social worker – we’re looking for the people you think have made the biggest impact on your profession. As well as social workers, they could be politicians, important figures from history, reformers, academics and humanitarians.

May’s PSW contained some suggested nominations, so take a look for some inspiration by clicking here.

As well as your social work hero, we’d also like to hear about your fantasy social workers. Which famous person do you believe would make the best social worker and who would make the worst?

The most popular answers will be published in a future edition of PSW.

Email your social work hero along with your fantasy best and worst social worker nominations to