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BASW helps shape standards for social work employers

BASW was instrumental in developing new standards setting out the level of support social workers in England can expect from their employers.

The document, entitled The Standards for Employers of Social Workers in England, gives clear guidance on the support organisations employing social workers should provide, both in terms of day-to-day work and in professional development.

The eight standards employers are expected to meet for social workers are:

1.     A clear accountability framework informed by good social work practice

2.     Effective workforce planning to meet service demands

3.     Safe and manageable workloads

4.     Adequate tools and resources to do the job safely and risk assessment

5.     Regular and appropriate supervision

6.     Opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) and access to research

7.     Ensuring social workers maintain professional registration

8.     Links with universities and other organisations to support education and CPD

The new standards, published by the Local Government Association, are a revision of those developed by 18 stakeholder partners, including BASW, as part of the Social Work Reform Board.

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb said: “It is vital that social workers are properly supported in the complex work they do and these standards set out exactly what they can expect from their employers.

“Issues such as high caseloads, lack of resources, poor supervision and lack of training opportunities are continually highlighted by our members.

“The Standards clearly spells out to employers what support they should be delivering to social workers and we want to see it adhered to by all organisations involved in social care.”

Included in Standards is a requirement for employers to work with professional bodies and trade unions and "recognise and support the right of all social 

workers to be engaged in the work of such bodies".

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