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Politician turns social worker for the day

Sinn Fein MLA and Chair of the Health Social Services and Public Safety Committee, Maeve McLaughlin, has risen to the challenge we at NIASW set urging politicians to experience first hand what it’s like to be a social worker.


Ms McLaughlin, accompanied by Carolyn Ewart, Manager, NIASW, spent the day with front line teams in Derry working in child protection, a children's home and adult mental health services as part of the visit arranged by NIASW in partnership with the Western Health and Social Care Trust.   


NIASW is always keen to increase politicians’ awareness of the complex work social workers do supporting people from the cradle to the grave. Earlier in the summer we challenged Members of the legislative Assembly to spend a day with practitioners to help them understand the issues and have the opportunity to meet and hear from social workers on the ground.


We were delighted that Maeve McLaughlin took the time to find out more about the vital work that social workers in our communities do.   Social work is a hugely rewarding and challenging job, but also one that is often misunderstood.    Social Workers work with children and adults, those who have physical and learning disabilities, mental ill health, substance use problems, domestic violence, and older people to name a few.    We are really confident that Maeve saw and understood the dedication and commitment of the social workers that she visited.