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Prime Minister's strong support for "noble and vital" social work is welcomed by BASW

BASW has given a firm welcome to today’s strong support for the profession from the Prime Minister David Cameron in his speech to the Conservative party conference.

Speaking in Manchester Mr Cameron recognised the uniquely difficult job that social workers have to do.

“I have to make some tough decisions in my job but none as tough as whether to break up a family and rescue a child, or try and stitch that family back together.

“Social work is a noble and vital calling.

“I'll never forget how after my son Ivan was born, a social worker sat patiently in our kitchen and told us about the sort of help we might need.”

The Prime Minister continued by highlighting his view that the recently launched Frontline initiative to attract ‘high-flying’ graduates onto fast-track social work training courses will follow the example of Teach First for teaching by getting “some of the brightest graduates” into the profession.

He concluded by urging delegates to applaud the profession: “Now let us, in this hall, hear it for Britain's social workers who are doing such an important job in our country today.”

Responding to the comments, BASW’s Chief Executive Bridget Robb said: “BASW very much welcomes the support the Prime Minister has expressed today for the social work profession and fully endorse his comments about the important work social workers do every day of the year.

"We very much hope the government will be equally supportive of local authorities in order to translate these words into actions.

“These are clearly difficult times for the public purse but if finances improve, as the Prime Minister believes they will, so our overstretched social services teams must be prioritised in receiving the injection of resources they need.”