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BASW Cymru backs launch of new professional development scheme for experienced social workers

BASW Cymru has backed the launch of the next stage of a professional development scheme for experienced social workers in Wales. 

The second phase of the Care Council for Wales Continuing Professional Education and Learning (CPEL) framework will see four Welsh universities offer specific training to experienced, senior and consultant social workers. The programme featuring an alliance of Bangor, Cardiff, Glyndwr and Swansea Universities, follows the roll-out of a similar initiative for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) earlier this year.

Part of a £1.8m scheme over the next six years which CCW says is aimed at “raising the professionalism of social work practice in Wales to a new level”, the latest part of the CPEL programme is part of establishing a new career structure for social workers, enabling more experienced practitioners to remain in frontline practice.

The programmes for experienced social workers and senior practitioners are expected to commence in 2014, with consultant social workers following in 2015. CCW said the annual training programme will offer at least 100 places a year.

BASW Cymru Manager Robin Moulster said: “This excellent development means that there is a clear structure and framework for social work and social workers in Wales. These are exciting times for the profession, with Wales leading the way with a clear career pathway for social workers that is underpinned with a positive training programme.

"The work of the Care Council for Wales in taking forward the CPEL work with its partners (including BASW Cymru) is to be commended.”

BASW Cymru has been heavily involved in developing the framework, with Development Officer Carol Davies part of the group to devise the initiative.

Rhian Huws Williams, CCW Chief Executive, said: “Critically, the new programmes ensure all social workers in Wales have access to a consistent standard of learning, relevant to their role. They will provide practitioners with the training they need as they progress to different levels in their careers.

“Social workers, employers and people using services have been, and will continue to be, involved in further developments. All the programmes will also be rigorously evaluated to ensure they remain fit for purpose, making a positive difference and delivering the expected outcomes.”

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