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SASW Annual Report 2012

The political proposals affecting how people access integrated services has been the main debate in Scotland Committee who have taken it out to local meetings, discussed in our magazines and e-bulletins and been the basis of many of our CPD events. At the centre of the debate is how this will affect our ability to provide good quality social work services for people who need our help. We need to be clear about what our agenda is in Scotland so that we continue to be working to the same ethical and value base, as our UK and international colleagues but distinct enough to meet the challenges and demands unique to Scotland.

Our membership is at all time high due to members and staff recognising that we need a strong professional voice. We know from our research that most people are recruited by their colleagues - so after reading this report why not talk to your colleagues about the membership benefits you get and encourage them to join so that we can continue to grow and develop into the organisation that will continue to meet the demands of the social work workforce in Scotland.

We have some major challenges ahead, let's work together to build on our success and make sure that people coming into the profession will continue to be proud to be social workers.

Graeme Rizza

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