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NIASW Report - March 2013

With spring approaching, it is lovely to see a splash of colour as we travel across Northern Ireland. This in some ways reflects how we at NIASW feel. The last few years have been tumultuous to say the least, however, the last six months have felt like we are beginning to raise our heads above the soil and our hard work is beginning to pay off. We are really beginning to make our mark and are delighted to be able to represent the profession in a wide variety of ways. If you want to see all what we have been up to over the past year you can read our Annual report by following the link to our website.

World Social Work Day is nearly upon us and we look forward to telling you about our celebrations. It promises to be a truly international event with input from Northern Ireland, Norway and India!

Carolyn Ewart and Anne McAllister have continued to visit social work teams and forums across Northern Ireland. Anne has been out and about across North Antrim and Carolyn has been up and down the road between Newry, Craigavon and Belfast. We are especially pleased to be developing our relationship with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and are happy to come to any team events anywhere in Northern Ireland, so please get in touch and we will arrange a date.

Carolyn and Susan Gordon undertook another first this month with attendance at an event in Ballyclare High School as part of their careers planning. They gave seven presentations to different groups and answered countless questions about social work. It was a great opportunity to discuss what a career in social work is like with so many enthusiastic young people. We wish them all well in their career choices and hope to see some them as qualified social workers in the future.

Carolyn, as the NISCC registrant representative, continues to attend and participate in the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Social Work Strategy steering Group and NIASW is looking forward to being a part of the other groups, such as the Implementation Group and The Professional Forum, which will take forward the implementation of the social work strategy and to be an active part of translating the vision into a reality.

Our paper for the Minister has now been completed and sent and we look forward to bringing you full details of that month. We are excited about the opportunities that it brings along with the social work strategy to review and shape the future.

Carolyn was delighted to be invited to the launch of the social work awards for 2013, in the University of Ulster at Magee College. This is the third year of the awards and we are looking forward to a number of firsts this year. They will be held in Derry’s Guildhall and it is especially significant as Derry this year celebrates the UK’s first City of Culture. This ceremony includes the NIASW Lifetime Achievement Award for the first time and NIASW are proud to sponsor this as part of the larger celebration of social work across Northern Ireland. We look forward to a spectacular event in September.