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If it's easy, you're doing it wrong, social workers in Wales told

Social workers at BASW Cymru’s World Social Work Day (WSWD) celebrations in Cardiff were told to resist enforcing decisions they believe are wrong, and to take whatever steps they can on behalf of service users to ameliorate poverty.

Ian Johnston, European Executive member of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and former BASW Chief Executive, addressed the ‘inequality’ theme of the 2013 World Social Work Day by urging practitioners to stand up for what service users need.

He said: “Some social workers are frightened to do anything but go with the crowd but if you’re doing it the easy way, you’re doing it the wrong way. “We must be more effective as social workers and must do more about poverty, which is the cause of 95% of the work we do. In doing so, we must align ourselves with people who believe in the same as us.”