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BASW – We need a sensible debate on welfare reform, not underhand attacks on benefit claimants

In a Huffington Post blog, BASW’s press officer assesses how the media is being used to promote the government’s proposals on welfare reform by demonising benefit claimants such as mum of 11 Heather Frost. Ms Frost hit the headlines after claims that she has demanded a £400,000 ‘eco mansion’ be built by Tewkesbury council.

BASW’s Interim chief executive Bridget Robb believes that the current tone of the benefits debate is unproductive and needs to change, commenting: "Welfare reform is necessary, but it will not be achieved by apportioning blame or by scare tactics. The Labour party is being too quiet on the issue of welfare reform, and should be defending the poorest in society from these underhand attacks. If the government is so confident of the 'fairness' of benefit reform, then why is it using such bully boy rhetoric against those on benefits?"

Read the Huffington Post blog in full here