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BASW: IDS is punishing children for being born

BASW has hit out at Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith for proposed plans to cap child benefit at two children per family. The proposals have met with widespread criticism from charities and campaign groups, and it is believed that the Lib Dems are also ‘not keen’, with the Independent reporting a senior Lib Dem source dismissing the announcement as “Tory kite-flying”.

In a blog on the Huffington Post, BASW's acting chief executive Bridget Robb commented on the controversial announcement of a two child cap on child benefit, pointing out that far from the workshy stereotype; many families are forced to claim benefits because of the impact of the recession.

"Political rhetoric is frequently targeting the poorest and most vulnerable. The traditional working class, without work, are increasingly being described by politicians almost as if they have no place in our society", Ms Robb said.

"Where is the government's evidence base for claiming that people are deliberately having children in order to claim more benefits? Conservatives may be seeing their stance as a potential vote winner, but it simply is not a picture that we recognise. Our members are seeing more and more children and families sliding into poverty, and all more cuts will do is put more strain on public services that are already at breaking point.  

"This is yet another attack on low income families, and it will be the children who will bear the brunt of it. All this policy will do is punish children for being born".

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