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HCPC urges social workers to set up direct debits by 19 November

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has again warned social workers in England that they must re-register before 30 November or face being unable to practise using the title ‘social worker’. The new regulator for social work in England has also cautioned about the need for direct debits to be set up by 19 November if payments are to be processed in time for the 30 November cut off point.

The latest update on the fast-approaching renewals deadline comes as the HCPC revealed that more than half of all registrants, 44,000, have now renewed their registration, significant progress after a slow start.

Registrants have to pay the £76 annual fee by the deadline, either by setting up a direct debit for £38 every six months or a single two year payment of £152.

Following the slow start to re-registration, the HCPC cautioned social workers about the risks of not renewing. A spokesperson said: “The ramifications of not renewing before the deadline of 30 November are costly and time consuming. You will no longer be able to work in your job as a ‘social worker’, which means your employer may be forced to alter your job title and function, with possible implications on your salary. For example, until you are readmitted to the Register, you may have to work as an ‘assistant social worker’.”

The HCPC said late readmission “may incur an additional fee of £191”, though this would include the first year’s registration.

The HCPC took over regulation from the General Social Care Council on 1 August and sent online activation and authentication codes to all 88,063 social workers in England at the end of that month, followed by written reminders during October.

Find out more about renewing and make sure you don't lose the right to practise as a
social worker by visiting the HCPC website.