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Blog: BASW Cymru on a new CPD framework for social workers

BASW Cymru deputy chair Carol Davies offers an insight into the Continuing Professional Education and Learning (CPEL): A Framework for Social Workers in Wales, outlining what it means for practitioners

The vital process of developing a strong framework for career long learning in social work took a significant step on 2 May with the launch of a programme aimed at ensuring newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) continue their development after starting work.

Launched in Aberystwyth, the consolidation programme will be implemented for NQSWs in 2013, ensuring that as they embark on their careers they continue gaining evidence of, and recording, learning.

Having been a member of the CPEL implementation group, on behalf of BASW Cymru, since November 2011, I was pleased to be part of the launch, which followed three well attended CPEL roadshows in north, mid and south Wales. These events offered an insight into how the Consolidation Programme works.

The Consolidation Programme will consist of three learning outcomes:
• Applying analysis in assessment to inform interventions
• Working collaboratively with service users, carers and other professionals
• Intervention and application of professional judgement in increasingly complex situations

These are broken down into the assessment criteria and detail the National Occupational Standards.

In addition to the consolidation programme, learning outcomes are presently being worked on by the implementation group for the Experienced Practitioner Programme, the Senior Practitioner Programme and the Consultant Social Work Programme. This will allow the social work practitioner to either continue the progression of his/her career or allow the experienced social work practitioner to remain on the frontline and mentor less experienced social workers to gain vital knowledge, skills and experience.

It feels an exciting time to be a social worker in Wales and to be proud of our profession. However, we must embrace every opportunity to enhance our practice, knowledge and skills and the CPEL framework is a means by which this can be achieved throughout Wales.

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Carol Davies, BASW Cymru deputy chair