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BASW Cymru submits response to Social Services (Wales) Bill

BASW Cymru has submitted its full response to the Social Services (Wales) Bill, which is aimed at providing legislative backing for the changes outlined in the Welsh Government’s white paper, ‘Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action’.

Following an intensive period of consulatation and research, BASW Cymru have provided a response covering all 98 questions, which cover a range of issues including safeguarding, regulation and inspection.

BASW Cymru manager Robin Moulster, said:

“This has been an enormous piece of work which started with some open consultation events for members in North and South Wales which were undertaken by Practice Solutions and led by Gabe Conlon (BASW Cymru ambassador) and Jonathan Morgan. Following this initial work, responses to the questions were collated by BASW Cymru committee members and staff under the initial guidance of Penny Lloyd (BASW Cymru ambassador). A big thank you to each and every person who gave of their time for this crucial piece of work.

“I believe that the Bill is not the end but the beginning of a further divergence of social policy and legislation in Wales, that seeks to put its’ own distinct mark on the future of social care and social work for its’ citizens. BASW Cymru’s involvement and views are actively sought by those in Government here in Wales, as well as other key partners, in order to shape a more positive future. Let us continue to make our voice count by standing up and speaking out for our profession in support of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Read the response in full