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SASW’s response to the Public Sector Reform and Local Government in Scotland inquiry

The Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW – part of BASW) has urged the government to embrace flexible and creative solutions to public sector reform in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for service users.

Responding to a call for written submissions to the Public Sector Reform and Local Government in Scotland inquiry, SASW manager Ruth Stark said more creativity was an essential component of the Changing Lives review of social work in Scotland in 2006 and should be entrenched in all future reforms. “Cultural change is necessary in order to develop flexible teams designed to meet need and manage risk. SASW would argue that flexibility to be creative in responding to people’s needs will achieve better results and more effectively achieve the promotion of social welfare and social justice.”

Launched by the Local Government and Regeneration Committee in December 2011, the inquiry is seeking evidence from interested parties on three separate strands of the public sector: partnerships and outcomes, benchmarking and performance and delivering services.

View SASW’s full response to the inquiry here