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BASW members back an effective and principled college

The move by members at BASW’s Additional General Meeting today represents a massive challenge to the government and to the Interim Board of the College of Social Work, which last month ended talks with BASW about creating a unified College. Social workers are now urging the government to put right the wrongs of the current development process and accept BASW’s generous offer.

BASW chief executive Hilton Dawson said: “This is a major challenge to the government and the Interim Board of the College of Social Work. The courageous and principled decision of our members to transfer the entire resources of BASW into an effective, principled and sustainable College of Social Work means it is now the task of government ministers to ensure that the College is developed on firm ethical lines.”

“BASW’s social work membership has stated clearly its willingness to legitimately and lawfully transfer of millions of pounds of assets, as well as our 14,000 members, to a united College of Social Work capable of delivering the real change social work needs. However, it is essential that the government acts now to put the College on firm and fair footing as soon as possible, since social workers have no faith in the model currently being developed.

“This is challenge to government – put the College right and BASW stands ready to help it grow and succeed.”