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TV plan to showcase social work

The co-director of a community cohesion and empowerment organisation has pledged to make a television programme that promotes social workers and showcases real social work. Peaches Cadogan, co-director of Reality Bytes UK, revealed her plan at BASW’s independent’s conference.

“I am willing to do a programme that promotes social workers and shows the work you lot have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I love the passion [in social work] yet still there is all this bad press. said Ms Cadogan.

“You lot save lives. How many lives have been saved [collectively, by everyone] in this room? That is to be commended,” she added.

Ms Cadogan, who was involved in the BBC3 reality series ‘Peckham Finishing School for Girls,’ said: “I believe you lot need the props, the opportunity for the country to understand your role as so often it is misconstrued.”

Ms Cadogan warned that in all professions you get good and bad workers, adding: “You don’t often get people with the commitment and drive that you have here. “Today is about celebration. Today is about embracing the profession you have chosen.”