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BASW is coming to a workplace near you

BASW Scotland is about to begin the autumn tour of social work offices across the country and is keen to secure as many invitations as possible from members to speak directly with you where you work.

The meetings will provide an opportunity to find out more about what a College of Social Work might mean to you, to discuss our joint BASW/Unison guide on Supervision and Workload Management, what cuts are being proposed in your services and any other matters that you would like your professional association to take up on your behalf, as well as what we can help with locally to help you help others.

BASW Scotland wants to ensure we are reflecting all the issues of concern to members, so please get in touch to arrange a meeting with you and your colleagues. A number of stops are already scheduled, from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the Borders but more invitations would help greatly in enabling those who are registered with the SSSC to discuss topical issues with BASW staff and committee members and share insights into the most pressing professional challenges.

The tour will begin on 22 September at Edinburgh University and run through the autumn. Details of where and when the BASW bus will be near you will be circulated in the next e-bulletin.

To be a really strong voice for the profession in Scotland it is vital that BASW maximises its membership potential. We have recently been undertaking some research with members and non members about why people are members and why not – the most common reason is that people do not know about us but when they find out what we do, they join.

The most effective recruitment is undertaken by colleagues. We hope that by holding these meetings around the country it will help people find out about the benefits of BASW membership. So when there is a meeting near you please can you pass the information to your colleagues.

Email BASW Scotland’s Johan Grant to set up an event in your workplace –