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Harassment of own family results in GSCC admonishment

A social worker who threatened to kill his wife and children has been admonished by the General Social Care Council (GSCC).

Paul Carney, who has an unblemished 31-year career in social work, pleaded guilty to harassment at Reading Magistrates’ Court in January and was given a community order. In its written decision, conduct committee said: ‘While this was undoubtedly persistent and deliberate conduct, the committee considered that this was an uncharacteristic episode of behaviour which took place against a backdrop of a breakdown of the registrant’s marriage, which appears to have adversely affected him.’

It added that it did not believe Mr Carney, who is a social worker at Brent council in London, was likely to repeat his behaviour. The committee took into account evidence given by a team manager at the local authority, who praised Mr Carney’s “experience, professionalism, integrity and good judgement” and said he was being considered for promotion.

It also noted also that Mr Carney has shown ‘some insight’ and rejected arguments by the GSCC presenting officer that his behaviour had been a breach of trust under the codes of practice. Mr Carney has been admonished for five years.