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Share your views on the impact of overseas social workers

BASW has been asked to submit a report to a Home Affairs Select Committee consultation process that is examining government plans for capping immigration to the UK, potentially affecting the recruitment of overseas social workers.

Ahead of this BASW is inviting members – those from the UK and those from overseas – to give their views on the proposed cap, the potential impact on social work of restricting immigration and the wider issue of how overseas workers have impacted on UK services.

BASW wants UK trained social workers to let us know: (a) What are your experiences of the impact of overseas trained social workers on your teams or departments? What are the positive aspects to overseas practitioners joining your teams and what are the difficulties.

For overseas trained social workers who have come to work in the UK: (b) What has been your experience of coming to work as a social worker in the UK? What assistance has helped you in your work and in making you more comfortable, and what issues or barriers have you encountered that have made life more difficult, professionally or personally?

Finally, for UK and overseas social workers: (c) Should BASW develop a special interest group for the international workers where people can share their experiences and, in effect, act as their own lobbying and representative group?

Email with your views and comments