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BASW launches new discussion forum

A brand new debating ground has been opened on BASW’s website in the form of a new discussion forum, designed to allow social workers to discuss the issues pertinent to you.

The exciting MyBASW initiative, exclusive to BASW members across the UK, is an easy-to-use forum for social workers to debate the challenges the profession faces on a day-to-day basis, address the day’s hot topics and policy announcements, discuss BASW’s work and plans for the future or engage in general chat.

For instance, BASW’s referendum of members over a College of Social Work has prompted much debate amongst professionals in meetings, conferences and in the pages of Professional Social Work, so why not take the discussion online and make your voice heard. Equally, there are endless other topics you might wish to discuss with social work counterparts across the UK, and on which you can start your own threads.

To sign up just use your membership number and name, then just create a user name (such as Dave1) and a private password which will enable you to sign up and join the debate right away.

The easy-to-use technology means your comments are made live straight away, facilitating debate with other members.

Members who register on MyBASW can also enjoy online access to the last 16 issues of Professional Social Work magazine, using our special page turning software. Most notable is the fact members can now view the latest issue of the magazine up to three days before it arrives on doormats.

If you have any comments or feedback on the forum, do let us know on MyBASW, we are keen to hear what you think about this new area for members.

Visit to register and begin using the site