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Mrs Anji Wilks
Contact details
Business name: Anji Wilks Social Work Co Ltd
Limited company registered in: England and Wales
Company's registered number:


Address: 79 Queens Road
City: Felixstowe
County: Suffolk
Postal Code: IP11 7PE
Telephone: 07812 802776
Professional information
Specialism: Children and families, Mental Health
Location: England: East

Providing children with psychoeducational explanations of how trauma can affect their ability to think, act, feel, allows them to integrate and regulate. Rather than only offering a talking-therapy approach I utilise other modalities; sand tray, undirected play, creative arts. Fostering a positive, stable therapeutic relationship, I bring a personable, child-centred approach to working with children with challenging behaviours. My experience of working in different LA’s has developed solid experience in risk assessing children experiencing intra/extra-familial serious sexual abuse, children with learning/physical disabilities and those presenting significant mental health difficulties.

I work with: Direct work with families and carers, Direct work with service users, Private/ independent sector, Therapeutic work

BA Hons Social Work

Professional registrations: Social Work England
Extra skills:

I hold a post qualifying certificate in Advanced Practice, Child and Adolescent Mental Health. I am currently training in Play Therapy.