Specialist profile

Ms Wendy Lynn Williams
Contact details
Address: 24 Hayes Court
City: Sheffield
County: South Yorkshire
Postal Code: S20 4TS
Telephone: +447711442501
Professional information
Specialism: Adult Services, Children and families, Other
Location: Cymru: East, Cymru: Mid, Cymru: North, Cymru: South, Cymru: West, England: East Midlands, England: West Midlands, England: Yorkshire and the Humber

Thirty two years post qualified social work.
Practice Education and Assessment - England, Wales and some European involvement.
Statutory, Independent, voluntary and third sector experience.
Specialist areas of interest:
Practice Education.
Young Carers
Teenage Pregnancy and homelessness
Service user/carer feedback as part of professional development.
Development of virtual learning and practice.
Welsh Context.
Direct work.

I work with: Coaching/ mentoring of social workers, Direct work with families and carers, Direct work with service users, Family assessment, Placements, Practice assessment, Practice teaching, Private/ independent sector, Quality assurance, Research, Supervision, Training and tutoring, Universities / learning & training bodies, Voluntary sector

CQSW/Practice Teachers Award/SCOLA Accreditation in Assessment

Professional registrations: Social Care Wales, Social Work England
Extra skills:

Reflection as part of formal learning.
Family/service user background as part of learning, development and assessment.
Direct work with all users including adults, children, and families.