Wales Committee

There is a very active and vibrant committee in Wales which has seen a significant increase in membership in the country. There are many positive initiatives to which all current members apply their own particular personal skills and experiences. The committee meets six times per annum (three of these by telephone conference). Committee members come from all parts of Wales and have a wide range of experiences.

Committee members:

  • Nick Lovell (Chair)
  • Neeta Baicher (Deputy Chair)
  • Jean Letton (Treasurer)
  • Allan Rees
  • Marrianne Palin
  • Ian Woolrich
  • Delyth Lloyd-Griffiths
  • Dave Allan
  • Anna Collins
  • Christian Beech
  • Heather Tyrrell
  • Mary Clune
  • Max Greenwood
  • Robert Pook
  • Ian Ellison
  • Melanie Fletcher - student member

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Boot out Austerity Marches on in Wales - Austerity Kills

Summary of the latest developments in the BASW Austerity Action Group

14th December 2017

Battle cry of the newly qualified!

September blog from Allison Hulmes, Professional Officer, BASW Cymru.

25th September 2017

Rhydian: Social Welfare Law in Wales on-line resource live and free to access

Rhydian: Social Welfare Law in Wales on-line is now live and free to access

20th September 2017

Missing People - Vulnerable Adults Consultation 2017

Missing People - Vulnerable adults consultation 2017

10th August 2017

Call for case studies on the positive way the Act has helped people

As part of Social Care Wales work to support the implementation of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, they’re looking for real-life stories about the positive ways in which it has helped people. They’d like to identify and share stories about how your work has improved the lives of people since the Act came into force, in a way that will help others learn and be inspired to work in a similar way. They’d love to speak to you about any stories you may have gathered over the past year. These could be digital or written stories you’ve already produced, or even be stories you’d like some help to develop. You can see more on our website here

31st July 2017

BASW: LGA right to call for new money for social care from Local Government Finance Settlement

As the Local Government Association (LGA) today warns Council tax rises in 2017/18 will not bring in enough money to prevent further extensive cuts to local services next year, BASW is endorsing the LGA´s call for government to use the final Local Government Finance Settlement this month to provide new money for social care.

20th February 2017

Adoption Enquiry calls for evidence - extended deadline

BASW is calling for evidence from young people who have been adopted, parents, social workers, managers, family justice professionals, policymakers and academics to underpin a year-long research study on the role of the social worker in adoption.

19th September 2016

BASW: Moves must be made to reassure survivors following resignation of IICSA Chair

BASW response to CSA Inquiry Chair resignation

5th August 2016

BASW calls for evidence on the role of the social worker in adoption

BASW is calling for evidence from young people who have been adopted, parents, social workers, managers, family justice professionals, policymakers and academics to underpin a year-long research study on the role of the social worker in adoption.

4th May 2016

BASW: Social workers should allow parents to record conversations

As family court transparency charity the Transparency Project today publishes guidance about the recording of social workers by parents where there is local authority involvement, BASW Vice Chair Maggie Mellon said social workers should allow such recording and be happy to put their practice “on the record”.

17th December 2015

BASW: Social workers have ethical duty to support asylum seekers and refugees

BASW is calling on the British Government to receive those fleeing war, persecution, and devastation in their home countries with respect and dignity and is urging its members to sign a petition to up the number of refugees being accepted into the UK.

4th September 2015

Social workers of Europe unite in Edinburgh for unique event

The biggest event of the year in the social work calendar will take place from 6-9 September, when hundreds of social workers from all over Europe gather in Edinburgh.

25th August 2015

BASW gives social workers 2020 vision

The British Association of Social Workers is launching its newly agreed 2020 Vision for the future of the Association. In this statement of intent, BASW, the member-led professional association for social workers, sets out its aim to be the strong independent voice of social work and social workers.

26th June 2015

BASW Cymru: Further discussion needed on new CSE measures

The Prime Minister will reveal a package of new measures to combat child sexual exploitation (CSE) at a summit bringing together leaders from local authorities, children's services, health professionals, Chief Constables and experts in child protection today in Downing Street.

4th March 2015

BASW hits new membership high

BASW membership has passed 17,000 for the first time in the Association’s history, with record numbers in all four UK countries.

18th February 2015

BASW Cymru Committe Vacancy

The active BASW Cymru National Standing Committee has a vacancy for a new member.

16th February 2015

BASW Cymru speaks out on 'unsafe practice' claims

BASW Cymru manager Robin Moulster has spoken to ITV News following claims of ‘unsafe’ working practices from anonymous Welsh social workers.

28th January 2015

BASW pledge to work with CQC to address lack of places of safety for mentally unwell young people

BASW has pledged its commitment to working with CQC to address the problem of a national shortage of ‘places of safety’ where young people who experience episodes of mental ill health in public places can be taken.

16th April 2014

Why understanding the causes of discrimination is more crucial than ever

The case for understanding the causes of discrimination is as important today than in the past when obvious forms of discrimination were more publicly acceptable, the BASW Cymru World Social Work Day event heard from Dr Neil Thompson.

20th March 2014

Social workers must employ "everyday small actions of resistance" to revolt against austerity-based poor bashing

Austerity is being deliberately targeted at poorer people who depend on public services, a BASW Cymru World Social Work Day event heard.

20th March 2014

BASW Cymru calls on social workers to reassert “non-negotiable” values

Social work must reassert its “historic battle cry” of standing up for the poor at a time of conflicting professional pressures and a “disastrous squeeze on resources”.

26th February 2014

BASW Cymru Adroddiad – Mawrth 2014/BASW Wales report – March 2014

BASW Cymru's UK report, in Welsh and English, for the March issue of PSW, featuring a range of issues the Association has been engaged in over the past few weeks, as well as things that are coming up soon.

18th February 2014

BASW Cymru awards showcase outstanding social work practice

A North Wales social worker responsible for an initiative enabling social workers to make consistent judgements about the risk present in child protection cases was among those honoured in the 2013 BASW Cymru Social Work Awards. Gwynedd Council’s Dafydd Paul, whose model has been rolled out by a number of local authorities in Wales and England, was presented with the Innovative Social Work Award for his efforts.

2nd October 2013

BASW Cymru 2013 Social Work Awards – deadline extended to Friday 26th July

Due to demand from members, the deadline to nominate a social worker in Wales for the prestigious BASW Cymru Social Work Awards has been extended until Friday 26th July.

18th July 2013

BASW Cymru responds to Welsh Government plans for College of Social Care and Social Work

Issues in relation to Written Statement by The Welsh Government ‘Policy Statement for Social Services Regulation and Inspection’ By Gwenda Thomas, Deputy Minister for Social Services On 27th June 2013

1st July 2013

We’ll do safeguarding our way says Welsh social services minister

Social workers in Wales have won praise for their commitment to safeguarding vulnerable adults and children from Deputy Minister for Social Services Gwenda Thomas AM, who said that a raft of new “made in Wales” legislation was providing a blueprint for the rest of the UK.

14th June 2013

BASW Cymru Adroddiad Ebrill 2013/BASW Wales Report April 2013

Activity in Wales continues at a ‘cracking’ pace as we continue to influence in a whole range of ways and settings. Most importantly, we are here to support you with your issues and concerns, in order to improve how we deliver services across Wales.

17th April 2013

Bosses enjoying salary hikes while staff suffer cutbacks

BASW Cymru criticises pay hikes to senior managers in two Welsh authorities while social workers suffer from salary freezes and austerity cutbacks.

24th January 2013


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