England Committee

The committee are elected to serve for two years by BASW England members at our Annual Meeting. There is an elected chair and deputy chair, who also serve for two years. The committee works with BASW staff, particularly the BASW England Manager and Executive Officer, to discuss current issues for social work and decide what the priorities for BASW England are. The Committee agrees and monitors progress against our key document, the England Development Plan.

Committee members:

  • Dr Andrew Gill (Chair)
  • Angie Bartoli (Vice Chair)
  • Clare O'Neill (Student Representative)
  • Elizabeth Njenga (NQSW)
  • Francis Boylan
  • Louise Purser
  • Richard Servian
  • Jane Shears
  • Michael Chapman
  • Helen Gormely
  • Gerry Nosowska
  • Carl Chandra
  • Sophie Greenchester
  • Parbinder Tony Singh Kalirai                                             
  • Julia Wassell
  • Kathleen Henderson

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BASW pledges support for Reker Ahmed

BASW would like to pledge support for Reker Ahmed, a 17 year old asylum seeker who was attacked in Croydon on 31 March. We are deeply saddened by Reker’s ordeal.

6th April 2017

BLOG: Aspiring for excellence in how we support, empower and safeguard older people

BASW Chief Executive Dr Ruth Allen responds to the recent BBC File on 4 programme Neglect: The Story of UK Homecare

2nd March 2017

BASW: Credit to MPs on SRE but more to be done

Following today’s announcement from Government that from the age of four, children will receive compulsory relationships education in all schools in England, BASW has welcomed this strengthening of children’s rights. Children will also be taught, at an appropriate age, about sex. Parents will retain the right to withdraw their children from these classes.

1st March 2017

BASW: LGA right to call for new money for social care from Local Government Finance Settlement

As the Local Government Association (LGA) today warns Council tax rises in 2017/18 will not bring in enough money to prevent further extensive cuts to local services next year, BASW is endorsing the LGA´s call for government to use the final Local Government Finance Settlement this month to provide new money for social care.

20th February 2017

BASW Chair would walk 100 miles to proclaim against austerity

Boot Out Austerity! Social Workers Walking For Social Justice

1st February 2017

“We need to get on with it” – New charter to improve social work with disabled people

Social workers and disabled people have jointly produced a charter to improve services for the people who use them. Starting in October 2015 with a premise of “We need to think big and be ambitious for each other”, a working group led by the national network of service users and disabled people Shaping Our Lives and BASW's Adults Policy, Practice and Education Group has now produced a charter for change.

30th November 2016

BASW: Forensic social work capabilities framework essential reading for social workers

Mental health social worker and BASW CEO Dr Ruth Allen has said the newly published forensic mental health social work capabilities framework is essential for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of new and established social workers.

18th November 2016

Lord Alf Dubs headlines BASW London social work with refugees event

Former child refugee Lord Alf Dubs will be the keynote speaker at a new collaborative event on social work with refugees and asylum seekers in London on Saturday.

17th November 2016

Care Act helping but cuts and lack of resources limiting true potential, BASW survey finds

A survey by BASW England’s Adults Policy, Practice and Education Group found the Act was helping to improve practice and make safeguarding personal. But social workers said their ability to enhance people’s wellbeing and achieve the goal of preventing, reducing or delaying need for care and support was limited by lack of resource.

19th October 2016

Adoption Enquiry calls for evidence - extended deadline

BASW is calling for evidence from young people who have been adopted, parents, social workers, managers, family justice professionals, policymakers and academics to underpin a year-long research study on the role of the social worker in adoption.

19th September 2016

Social work essential in preventing mental health crises say MPs

Social workers play a vital role in preventing mental health crises and should be given more scope to practice their skills, an inquiry into mental health services in England has found.

14th September 2016

BASW: Moves must be made to reassure survivors following resignation of IICSA Chair

BASW response to CSA Inquiry Chair resignation

5th August 2016

BASW to Minister: Time for honest dialogue on student bursaries

BASW has written to Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt MP to urge action on social work bursaries. Social work students say they have been left in limbo by the Department of Health’s delay in processing bursary applications for the next academic year, due to begin in September.

2nd August 2016

BASW England response to Narey residential care report

BASW England has welcomed Sir Martin Narey’s call for social workers to play an integral role in residential care. Sir Martin Narey’s report, Residential Care in England, was commissioned by the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education in October 2015 and examines the role of residential care within the wider care system.

6th July 2016

Call for evidence - Adult Social Care Inquiry

The Communities and Local Government Committee has announced an inquiry into the financial sustainability of local authority care and the quality of care provided.

6th July 2016

Joint statement on the Children and Social Work Bill

BASW has joined a number of other organisations to issue a joint statement on the Children and Social Work Bill which is currently before Parliament. The Bill proposes a number of reforms, including the creation of a new regulator for social work.

1st July 2016

BASW calls for evidence on the role of the social worker in adoption

BASW is calling for evidence from young people who have been adopted, parents, social workers, managers, family justice professionals, policymakers and academics to underpin a year-long research study on the role of the social worker in adoption.

4th May 2016

BASW Black Country hosts Assisted Dying debate

The Black Country branch of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is hosting a debate about Assisted Dying at the University of Wolverhampton on March 18th with local MP Rob Marris.

9th March 2016

BASW tells Government work with us, not against us, on social work reform

BASW response to Education Committee inquiry on social work reform

7th March 2016

BASW seeks views on integration of health and social work services

BASW is seeking practitioners' views on one of the biggest issues facing social workers in England today – the integration of health and social care. The Association wants the voice of social workers to inform a policy position on this transformational reform to service delivery.

29th February 2016

BASW: Social workers should allow parents to record conversations

As family court transparency charity the Transparency Project today publishes guidance about the recording of social workers by parents where there is local authority involvement, BASW Vice Chair Maggie Mellon said social workers should allow such recording and be happy to put their practice “on the record”.

17th December 2015

BASW: CSR - We need virtuous, not vicious, economic choices

BASW has called for greater cohesion in the planning of services following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. The main announcement regarding social care was local authorities being given the green light to increase council tax by 2% each year, provided this is ring-fenced to adult social care. Mental health is to receive a £600m investment, while children’s social care spending has remained static at more than £300m per year.

26th November 2015

BASW: Review of residential care “unnecessary and costly repetition”

BASW members have expressed concerns that the review of children’s residential care will not be an authentic consultation with the sector and is actually an attempt to extend the Government’s privatisation agenda.

3rd November 2015

BASW response to Law Commission on Mental Capacity & DoLs

BASW response to Law Commission on Mental Capacity & DoLs

2nd November 2015

BASW: Corbyn victory shows Government out of touch on privatisation

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb says the swell of support for Jeremy Corbyn as new Leader of the Labour Party shows how out of touch the Government is about the public appetite for privatisation.

14th September 2015

BASW: PCF review ‘first step in wider discussion’

BASW CEO Bridget Robb has described the publication of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) review as ‘the first step in a wider discussion of its future’. As the preferred bidder for the College of Social Work (TCSW) assets, BASW is currently in discussion regarding the transfer of ownership and hosting of the PCF once TCSW officially closes at the end of September. The PCF review was commissioned by the government before the TCSW closure announcement and was prompted by a range of changes in the professional and policy environment for social work, including the introduction of Knowledge and Skills Statements from the two Chief Social Workers.

11th September 2015

BASW: Social workers have ethical duty to support asylum seekers and refugees

BASW is calling on the British Government to receive those fleeing war, persecution, and devastation in their home countries with respect and dignity and is urging its members to sign a petition to up the number of refugees being accepted into the UK.

4th September 2015

Social workers of Europe unite in Edinburgh for unique event

The biggest event of the year in the social work calendar will take place from 6-9 September, when hundreds of social workers from all over Europe gather in Edinburgh.

25th August 2015

BASW: Care Act principles in danger of being lost due to patchy training for social workers

Following a survey of members, 75% of whom work in a local authority setting, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is highlighting a risk of the principles of the care act being lost due to patchy training for social workers. 60% of all respondents said training had been provided ‘in house’ by their employer.

30th June 2015

CSA survivors open the doors to power

Emotions were running high at a meeting in parliament to discuss the statutory inquiry into child sexual abuse.

27th June 2015

BASW gives social workers 2020 vision

The British Association of Social Workers is launching its newly agreed 2020 Vision for the future of the Association. In this statement of intent, BASW, the member-led professional association for social workers, sets out its aim to be the strong independent voice of social work and social workers.

26th June 2015

BASW: Fall in adoption rates should be first step in righting a wrong

BASW’s vice chair Maggie Mellon has described a fall in adoption orders following two landmark family court judgements as an opportunity to stop and think about what is really happening in the lives of our most vulnerable children.

14th May 2015

BASW: Further discussion needed on new CSE measures

The Prime Minister will reveal a package of new measures to combat child sexual exploitation (CSE) at a summit bringing together leaders from local authorities, children's services, health professionals, Chief Constables and experts in child protection today in Downing Street.

5th March 2015

BASW: Oxfordshire CSE SCR - Another sad day for the social work profession

The Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB) has today published its serious case review (SCR) into the services provided to the victims of seven men convicted in 2013 of 59 offences of child sexual exploitation.

5th March 2015

Blog: BASW expresses hesitant support for ‘Devo Manc’

As Chancellor George Osborne today signs off a £6bn deal dubbed ‘Devo Manc’ to give Greater Manchester control of its health budget, BASW professional officer Joe Godden assesses the pros and cons.

27th February 2015

Notts Historic CSA: BASW welcomes shift to ‘culture of belief’

Following claims by a former senior social worker that police failed to act on child abuse allegations in Nottinghamshire care homes on number of occasions, BASW has welcomed the shift to a ‘culture of belief’.

20th February 2015

BASW hits new membership high

BASW membership has passed 17,000 for the first time in the Association’s history, with record numbers in all four UK countries.

18th February 2015

Tell your story to increase understanding of social work

Chief Social Worker for Adults Lyn Romeo is working with the Northern writers Centre and University of Newcastle to publish an anthology of fictional short stories to be written by well-known UK authors.

13th February 2015

Politicians face grilling from social workers on the future of services in the West Midlands

Representatives from five political parties are to be quizzed on their policies by the region’s social workers. The Black Country Branch of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is hosting a hustings event at Wolverhampton University on Thursday, 19 February. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.

13th February 2015

Social Work Reform Unit invites expression of interest in early adopter teaching partnerships

The Department for Education’s Social Work Reform Unit is inviting social work teaching partnerships to express interest in becoming an early adopter teaching partnership in 2015-16.

11th February 2015

FGM: social workers should not take on the role of the police

As the Home Office analyses the response to a consultation on Introducing mandatory reporting for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), BASW has warned against blurring the boundaries between social work and other agencies such as the police and health.

11th February 2015

Frontline response to BASW news release: You cannot buy experience: BASW concerns over new Frontline management scheme

Frontline response to BASW news release: You cannot buy experience: BASW concerns over new Frontline management scheme

5th February 2015

You cannot buy experience: BASW concerns over new Frontline management scheme

BASW has raised questions over the allocation of £1.8m from the Department for Education children’s social care innovation programme to Frontline for its ‘Firstline prototype’ training scheme for first-line managers in children’s social care.

4th February 2015

BASW: Rotherham CSE – “No quick fixes – we need to remain vigilant”

Following claims that victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham continue to be let down and that problem’s worse than ever, local MP Sarah Champion is leading calls for a national task force to be established to combat the problem. Ms. Champion told Sky News she has been "overwhelmed" with new cases coming to her for help and advice.

29th January 2015

BASW marks Holocaust Memorial Day

BASW marks Holocaust Memorial Day

27th January 2015

White Flowers CSA campaign - BASW supports call for new inquiry

BASW statement on White Flowers CSA campain.

14th January 2015

Why are black people much more likely to be compulsorily treated for mental health, asks BASW

BASW has called for a review to uncover why black people are three times more likely to be compulsorily admitted for psychiatric treatment than white people in England.

18th December 2014

Concerns remain over government attempt to define adults’ social work

A proposed skills 'checklist' for social workers in adult services risks putting unrealistic expectations on what they should know after their first year in employment, the British Association of Social Workers warned.

11th December 2014

BASW: Skills 'checklist' should not increase pressure on NQSWs

The Department for Education has published a response to the consultation on a knowledge and skills statement of what a child and family social worker needs to be able to do at the end of a first year of practice.

28th November 2014

Bubb report: social work values have to be embedded in commissioning

BASW is backing a new report recommending the immediate closure of all Winterbourne-style institutions in favour of greater community provision. The report, written by Sir Stephen Bubb, CEO of ACEVO (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) was commissioned by Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England to “explore how a new national framework of support might be delivered locally”.

26th November 2014

'CSE should not be a rite of passage' - BASW response to Coffey report

BASW response to Coffey inquiry report.

30th October 2014

BASW response to BBC film Baby P: The Untold Story

BASW response to BBC film Baby P: The Untold Story

27th October 2014

BASW – CQC Safer Place to Be report ‘highlights breaches of best practice becoming the norm’

BASW has praised the Care Quality Commission (QCQ) report on places of safety for people detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act for highlighting the frequency of breaches of best practice.

22nd October 2014

BASW: Coventry CC is right to urge social workers to "Do It For Daniel"

As Coventry City Council today launches a hard-hitting ad campaign to recruit social workers that references the death of Daniel Pelka, BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb has praised the initiative.

8th September 2014

BASW: Action for Children fostering FOI - child’s needs must take priority over money

BASW professional officer Sue Kent comments on the results of an FOI request from Action for Children showing that one in three children are separated from siblings in foster care

8th September 2014

BASW: Children's social work checklist a welcome work in progress

BASW response to knowledge & skills statement for children's social workers

1st August 2014

BASW C & F group backing calls for child abuse inquiry

BASW England Children & Families reference group is urging members to support a campaign to establish a national inquiry into organised abuse by contacting their local MP.

20th June 2014

BASW comment on delegating children's social care functions

BASW comment on delegating children's social care function consultation

19th May 2014

BASW: Pooled budgets and multi-agency community teams key to getting more people with a learning disability back into community

The latest set of quarterly data prompted by the Winterbourne View Concordat, which aims to end inappropriate hospital placements for learning disabled people, has shown that 1,702 patients out of a total of 2,615 patients do not have a planned transfer date due to a “clinical decision preventing it”.

19th May 2014

Who's protecting the social workers, asks BASW's Chief Executive

More consideration needs to be given to the safety of social workers who increasingly face abuse and violence while trying to keep others safe, BASW’s Chief Executive Bridget Robb said.

1st May 2014

Under-age Facebooking is like 'giving a child a pack of cigarettes'

Letting children under the age of 13 have a Facebook account is tantamount to child abuse and like “giving a ten-year-old a packet of cigarettes” an expert in child protection and parenting warned.

1st May 2014

BASW pledge to work with CQC to address lack of places of safety for mentally unwell young people

BASW has pledged its commitment to working with CQC to address the problem of a national shortage of ‘places of safety’ where young people who experience episodes of mental ill health in public places can be taken.

16th April 2014

BASW – NSPCC report shows need for ‘re-think’ on preventative social work

As the NSPCC releases its annual How safe are our children? report showing that strained frontline social work teams are struggling to provide anything other than an ‘emergency service’, BASW has called for a ‘re-think’ of service planning.

1st April 2014

Full coverage of BASW England's World Social Work Day event, including the Care Bill and how to stay calm amidst cuts 'pandemonium'

Coverage of BASW England's World Social Work Day event in Birmingham, held on 19 March

23rd March 2014

BLOG: Standing up for vulnerable people – and social work – in an age of austerity

A sobering insight into how Government policies are impacting on service users was delivered at BASW Black Country Branch’s ‘Social Work in a Time of Austerity’ conference. Hugh Robertson reports on the event and the solutions offered for social work.

18th March 2014

BASW: Croisdale-Appleby report combines academic rigour with deep understanding of the social work profession

BASW has praised Professor David Croisdale-Appleby’s report Re-visioning social work education: an independent review for its “academic rigour” and depth of engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.

27th February 2014

BASW response to Sir Martin Narey’s report on social work training

Social work is a single, internationally recognised profession and the social work role cannot be split into a distinct checklist of skills needed for adults and children’s social work, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) has said in response to Sir Martin Narey’s report into the future of children’s social work training.

13th February 2014

BASW statement: Social work employers and TCSW membership

BASW is concerned that a number of social work employers in England, particularly but not exclusively local authorities, could be acting in contravention of the law in the way they are approaching the issue of social workers in their employment and membership of The College of Social Work (TCSW).

31st January 2014

BASW: “Uncomfortable” truth that sometimes it can be impossible to predict risk to children

The tragic death of the six Philpott children in Derby underlines the “uncomfortable” truth that sometimes it can be impossible to predict risk to children, BASW’s Chief Executive Bridget Robb said.

24th January 2014

BASW: Social workers need no lessons from headmaster Wilshaw

BASW has described comments made by Ofsted chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw that social workers need to send out “tough messages” about taking responsibility to parents “who behave badly” as an oversimplification of the complexities of child protection.

23rd January 2014

BASW England report – February 2014

BASW England's report for the February PSW

22nd January 2014

BLOG: Concerns remain but staying until 21 decision means greater equality for young people in care

BASW Professional Officer Sue Kent welcomes the news that looked after children can stay with their foster carers up to the age of 21 years rather than be forced to become independent at the age of 18 but queries why young people in residential care have been left out.

5th December 2013

Gekko Gove spearheading ‘corporate raid’ on social services

Writing for politics.co.uk, BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb assesses a week of 'Govian spin' and the Department for Education's hijacking of the press conference into the Hamzah Khan Serious Case Review.

14th November 2013

BASW response to Gove's speech - Social work isn't a cosy little job aimed at placating people

BASW response to Gove's speech at the NSPCC on social work training.

12th November 2013

BLOG: Current model of homecare commissioning alienates social workers from providers and care workers

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb offers her view on the current model of homecare commissioning.

5th November 2013

BLOG: Help us to be family as well as carers, Mr Hunt

In a speech to the National Children and Adults Services Conference (NCAS) in Harrogate last week, health secretary Jeremy Hunt said residential care should be is “a last rather than a first option” as British people should follow the example of people in Asia, by taking in elderly relatives. BASW England Manager Ruth Cartwright, offers a response.

21st October 2013

BLOG: Orchid View – a pretty name hiding an awful scandal

As West Sussex coroner Penelope Schofield rules that neglect contributed to five out of 19 deaths at Orchid View care centre, and that the then Southern Cross run home was riddled with "institutionalised abuse", BASW professional officer Joe Godden looks at what went wrong.

21st October 2013

Ofsted: Changing ‘adequate’ councils to ‘requires improvement’ won’t help staff morale or public perception

As Ofsted publishes a new single inspection framework, BASW has raised questions about the potential negative impact changing the terminology used to describe current council ratings could have on staff morale and public perception of social workers.

26th September 2013

Nominate now for Social Worker of the Year Awards 2013 in England

BASW is supporting the Social Worker of the Year Awards 2013 in England, which this year will feature a judging panel that includes the two new Chief Social Workers and Professor Eileen Munro.

22nd August 2013

BASW England report – September 2013

BASW England report – September 2013 ... missing children, Daniel Pelka, IROs, Duty of Candour, Mental Capacity Act, NOPT Conference and Ruth Cartwright bids farewell ...

16th August 2013

BASW comment on Daniel Pelka murder sentencing

On the day that Magdelena Luczak, the mother of Daniel Pelka and her partner Mariusz Krezolek were both given life sentences at Birmingham Crown Court, BASW has urged that this tragic case not be used as an opportunity to demoralise the profession.

2nd August 2013

BASW: Doncaster move must not mirror current structures if it is to work

After a government-commissioned report said that children’s services in Doncaster should no longer be run by the council, BASW has cautioned that the initiative must not mirror current structures if it is to be successful.

16th July 2013

BASW England Report – July/August 2013

In June, Nushra Mansuri attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Children, featuring the launch of a report called Are Children and Young People Getting the Opportunities they Want? This flagged up issues about the health of children, with startling facts presented by varying bodies. Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, reported that by 2020 child poverty is likely to increase by 800,000. There has been a 21% decrease in the number of children who are in prison this year, but England holds the European record for the youngest age a child can go through the criminal justice system.

5th July 2013

BASW responds to the Comprehensive Spending Review

Responding to the publication of the Comprehensive Spending Review for 2015/16, BASW said

26th June 2013

BLOG: BASW – CQC “cover-up culture” must end

As the Care Quality Commission (CQC) hits the headlines for failing to properly inspect maternity and children’s services at NHS Morecambe Bay, and for suppressing a critical report, Ruth Cartwright writes…

24th June 2013

BLOG - Reporting on paedophilia needs to strike the right tone between awareness and scaremongering

Sensationalist and stereotyped reporting of sex offenders will not help us to comprehend their behaviour - instead it actually makes it harder to protect children, argues BASW's press officer in the Huffington Post.

31st May 2013

BLOG: International Missing Children's Day - We must make children aware of the dangers without ruining their childhoods

Social worker Janet Foulds writes on the release of the PACT/ CEOP report Taken,which calls for a revamp of ‘stranger-danger’ warnings in the wake of findings which show that in 42 per cent of police reports studied, the abductor or would-be abductor was not known to the child.

24th May 2013

BASW England Report – May 2013

Sadly child sexual exploitation is in the news wherever we look at the moment, whether in relation to criminal trials concerning the murder of young girls, the prosecution of gangs of men (Oxford being the latest), or historical abuse (celebrities and North Wales children’s homes). Sue Kent represented BASW last month at a roundtable event led by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), where she shared the views of members of the BASW Practice Group on Child Sexual Exploitation about the prosecution process. We know that the present system can see those who have suffered undergo further abuse during cross examination. This has to stop to ensure more convictions of offenders and better protection for the young people who have bravely come forward. A consultation will be launched in the summer and BASW will be responding.

21st May 2013

BLOG: Care inquiry – We need a cultural change in how we perceive children in care

As the Care Inquiry publishes its findings of an eight-month inquiry into the care system by eight leading children’s charities, including the Fostering Network, TACT and the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, BASW professional officer Sue Kent examines the issues.

1st May 2013

BLOG – Labour’s plans a ‘recognition of the centrality of social care in wellbeing’

BASW professional officer Joe Godden on Labour’s plans to launch an independent commission led by former Department of Health specialist Sir John Oldham to investigate how best to integrate health and social care.

23rd April 2013

BASW: Latest stats on child poverty

As Alan Milburn and Baroness Shephard, chairman and deputy chairman of a new Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission call on Government to do more to meet the global 2020 target on child poverty, Nushra Mansuri has described the latest statistics on the number of children defined as being impoverished "a sorry state of affairs for one of the richest economies in the world".

23rd April 2013

BASW: Ofsted single inspection framework decision “puzzling”; evidence base must be revealed

BASW has described Ofsted’s decision to inspect local authority child protection and services for children who are looked after under a single, combined framework as “puzzling”, and urges the inspectorate to reveal its evidence base.

12th April 2013

BASW: Children’s Improvement Board funding loss a “callous move” by the DfE

Following reports of the Department for Education’s (DfE) decision to pull funding from the Children’s Improvement Board (CIB), BASW has described it as a “callous move” that constitutes a major blow to the children’s reform programme.

11th April 2013

BASW: Ignoring known workplace issues will only lead to more council ‘failures’

BASW statement on Sandwell council children's services being rated 'inadequate' by Ofsted.

9th April 2013

BASW: The Philpott case should not be the focus for the debate on the welfare system

BASW responds to the Philpott arson case sentencing.

4th April 2013

SWU - Social workers share the NHS culture of bullying and fear and it must end

As the Government response to the Francis report into care failings at Mid Staffs hospitals is published, the Social Workers Union has echoed the call for whistle blowers to be protected, and said that directors of social services must take more responsibility to root out the culture of bullying and fear experienced by many social workers employed by local authorities.

26th March 2013

World Social Work Day: Social workers have a vital role to play in reducing inequality

The vital role that social workers play in reducing inequality was the clear message sounded at BASW’s event to mark World Social Work Day in Westminster.

20th March 2013

BASW – World Social Work day challenges us to find new ways of working together

Speaking at a celebration event in Westminster later today, BASW Interim Chief Executive Bridget Robb will tell an audience of MPs and social work professionals that money is not the answer to all of the current problems faced by local authority services and make a plea for both sides to work together.

18th March 2013

BASW: Treat children in care as individuals, not criminals

As a new report from MPs claims the youth justice system is currently failing children in care and care leavers, BASW has reiterated the need to treat looked after children as individuals. The report by the Commons' Justice Committee said vulnerable children were being drawn into the criminal justice system in a way that those from family homes were not. Committee chairman, Lib Dem MP Sir Alan Beith, commented that the committee had even heard one example where police had been called to a children's home to investigate a broken cup.

14th March 2013

BASW: Social workers need knowledge of the law and community to tackle human slavery

BASW has endorsed a major report that lifts the lid on the lack of multi-agency understanding about how to tackle human slavery and called on social workers to “play their part” to stop this abuse.

12th March 2013

International Women’s Day – Deeds not words needed on domestic violence say BASW

BASW has responded to comments made by home secretary Theresa May that the Government “can only do so much” and that people must speak out against violence against women and girls, with a reminder that cuts to services are leaving many unprotected.

8th March 2013

BLOG: DPP to be congratulated for recognition that justice system is failing sexual abuse victims

Following the failings identified by the Jimmy Savile case and the exploitation of young girls by gangs, the director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer QC has called for a new approach to tackle child sexual exploitation prosecutions, so that claims are taken seriously and cases are not dropped at an early stage. Mr Starmer has been quoted as saying police and Crown lawyers need to change the way they deal with cases of alleged sex abuse to avoid “another Savile moment.” BASW professional officer Sue Kent, who will be attending a roundtable meeting with the DPP to discuss proposed reforms, explains.

7th March 2013

BASW: Ministers must understand that the situation for many social workers is deteriorating not improving

BASW has responded to education secretary Michael Gove’s assertion that the current social work reform agenda will enable social workers to spend the time they need with at risk children by calling for more far reaching reforms of practice, training and funding.

6th March 2013

Butler-Sloss praised for hearing BASW’s concerns on adoption reform

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) has issued strong support for today's comments by Baroness Butler-Sloss, Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Adoption Legislation, who has taken on board the message from social work that the Government's focus on driving up the number of adoptions should not ignore the need for better post-adoption support, more accurate data on adoption breakdown and the reality that adoption is not suitable for all children.

6th March 2013

BASW – We need a sensible debate on welfare reform, not underhand attacks on benefit claimants

In a Huffington Post blog, BASW’s press officer assesses how the media is being used to promote the government’s proposals on welfare reform by demonising benefit claimants such as mum of 11 Heather Frost. Ms Frost hit the headlines after claims that she has demanded a £400,000 ‘eco mansion’ be built by Tewkesbury council.

21st February 2013

BLOG: Relief that decision reached on Dilnot must not gloss over flaws

BASW professional officer Joe Godden assesses the latest incarnation of the Dilnot report.

13th February 2013

BLOG: Children must not pay price of targets to reduce time on care proceedings

BASW professional officer Sue Kent examines the issues raised by a new report from the Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), that highlights a family courts system under extreme pressure.

13th February 2013

BASW: Stable, specialised and skilled workforce needed to prevent children going missing from care

As the Chief Inspector of Ofsted publishes a new report that highlights the lack of reliable data on the number of children who go missing from care and the need for urgent action to establish a single register to track them, BASW endorses the report and calls for the creation of a stable, specialised and skilled workforce to support children in care.

8th February 2013

BASW: Empowered social workers must be at heart of children & families reforms

As children’s minister Edward Timpson today introduces the Children and Families bill to parliament, BASW issues a reminder to government that social workers need more help to keep families together, and that an obsessive focus on adoption is not the cure to all of society’s ills.

5th February 2013

BLOG – deregistration threat to social work role should not be ignored

Following reports that 8,425 from an estimated 88,000 social workers have not registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in England, BASW professional officer Joe Godden is calling for action to prevent an erosion of social work identity.

10th January 2013

BLOG: Troubled families? Or troubled stats?

Writing in the Huffington Post, BASW's press officer debunks the stats being used to promote the Troubled Families initiative.

19th December 2012

Gove right not to blame individuals or care system but removing more children from home is no panacea

Commenting on a speech on child protection given by Education Secretary Michael Gove MP at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) that advocated an expansion in the care system, with more children taken into care more quickly, BASW has called for careful assessment of the long-term needs of children, backed by better resources to do this vital work.

16th November 2012

Eastenders responds to Professional Social Work Magazine (PSW)

In light of the controversy surrounding the EastEnders’ storyline, PSW put some questions to the show’s executive producer, Lorraine Newman. Here are her answers.

16th October 2012

BASW England's October – Mariella Frostrup, soap operas, the 'adoption tsar' and much more besides ...

BASW England's monthly round-up of activity, this month placing a particular focus on the team's extensive media work, featuring across the airwaves and print media on a host of high profile subjects.

15th October 2012

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