Independent Social Workers (Scotland)

SASW has a contact network of Independent Social Workers, who support and advise each other predominantly by group e-mail. They also highlight and provide evidence on issues SASW can take up on their behalf, and meet on an ad hoc basis at the Edinburgh Office.

The issues for independent registration and CPD in Scotland as well as cross border working, can be quite technical, depending on the field of work, and many members have found this resource very valuable.

We have also been able to take up issues on their behalf with employers , where an individual may have found themselves identifiable and vulnerable.

More About BASW Independents

To become part of this network, be consulted, express you opinion or be kept informed of events and developments please Email Us

SASW calls for “informed debate” to address challenges raised by Accounts Commission

SASW calls for “informed debate” to address challenges raised by Accounts Commission

22nd September 2016

Social workers are honoured at the SASW awards

The outstanding achievement of social workers in Scotland was recognised when Children and Young People Minister Aileen Campbell presented the SASW Social Work Awards on Tuesday.

16th March 2016

World Social Work Day 2014: Why Martin Narey is wrong to dismiss social justice

Social Worker Ruth Stark, former SASW manager, BASW member and member of the IFSW Human Rights Commission, gives her response to Martin Narey's review of social work education.

18th March 2014

BLOG: SCRA statistics – Social workers remain the key players in continuous assessment of risk

As the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) publishes its annual report and statistics, SASW Manager Trisha Hall assesses what the findings say about social work.

6th November 2013

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