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Webinar & Virtual Book Launch: Toxic Interaction Theory 2021

Join this event from HS Consultancy - How to have conversations about racism

BASW are sharing details of this event from HS Consultancy

Hári Sewell will present his 2021 update of Toxic Interaction Theory, a notion first espoused in his 2009 publication, 'Working with ethnicity, race and culture in mental health' published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Toxic interactions describes the unintended harm that arises when well-meaning professionals do not take account of racism in its various forms, imagining racism solely as overt interpersonal harms. This handbook provides practical guidance on how to talk about racism in the relationships when citizen come into contact with services.  Though based on mental health settings the lesson are immensely transferable.

This online launch will include a free download link for the publication.  The handbook is written for people in mental health and other people professions. 

Hári Sewell will break down the key ideas in the book and set out clear steps to develop confidence and competence in speaking about racialised identities (black and white) and racism. There will be a Q&A session.

Delegates will leave the session with:

  1. A clearer understanding of the meaning of race
  2. A working knowledge of the meanings of various racislised identities
  3. A deep grasp of the various manefestations of racism in people's lives
  4. Confidence to incorporate an understanding of the damaging impact of racism into face to face work
  5. Competence in speaking about racism with people who come into contact with services
  6. Skills in noticing racism that was previously invisible
  7. Skills to reflect on self and own practice as well as the practice of others

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