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Voices of Social Work Through The Troubles

BASW Northern Ireland and NISCC are launching research results of a study undertaken by academics from Queen's University Belfast, University College Dublin and New York University on Voices of Social Work through The Troubles.    The key objective in this research was to explore how social workers were affected by the political conflict in Northern Ireland during the period 1969-1998.  This includes the impact upon professional and family life, support by employers, types of interventions used and whether social workers had received education and training to prepare them for practice.

This launch promises to be both a moving and insightful event which we are sure will not only remind those who practiced at this time of the extraordinary difficult challenges and difficulties they faced but also act as a point of education for those social workers who are joined the profession post-conflict or are just starting out.

A unique opportunity for social workers to take pride in their practice.

At the conclusion of the launch, an optional curated tour of the Troubles and Beyond is available.

Not to be missed!