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Time for Relationship-Based Practice

Part of the Professionals in Practice Webinar Series and Relationship-based Practice Week

This webinar will explore why it is important for social workers to have more time for the children and families they support.  The most recent survey identified that children and families social workers feel they spend as little as 20% of their time doing the all important direct work with families and reflective practice and up to 80% of their time on bureaucratic processes.  We will be examining the issues at a strategic and practitioner level.

Angela Frazer-Wicks will be reflecting on her own experience of direct social work and the importance of having a social worker who has the time to devote to direct practice. 

This will be you opportunity as either an employer, supervisor, manager or practitioner to hear how you can be part of the campaign to improve services for the children and families you work for.

Outcomes for organisations:

  • Understand why social workers need more time to practice
  • Reflect on the perspectives from managerial to a receiver of services
  • Consider the need for corporate change and how BASW can strengthen your organisation.

Outcomes for practitioners:

  • Identify what value to your practice additional time would bring
  • Reflect how time for practice and reflection could improve the service you give
  • Consider what changes you could make and how BASW can strengthen your practice.

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