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Talk to SWU: work place issues webinar

A chance to talk with the Social Workers' Union about workplace issues

This session will allow you to talk directly to SWU about any work place issues you are experiencing (can be done anonymously).

  • Have your terms and conditions been changed/altered ?
  • Have you been facing re-organisation?
  • Are you experiencing Bullying and Harassment ?

Some questions based on some of the recent 2021 enquiries we have received and will also cover during the session:

What is the difference between direct vs indirect discrimination?

What are the issues surrounding discrimination based on religious & philosophical beliefs?

My employer wants to make changes to my contract of employment - what are the legal protections?

Can my employer require me to be vaccinated against CV19?  And: can my employer require me to work with someone who hasn't been!  Or won't wear a mask?


  • Paul Scholey - Senior Partner at Morrish and SWU Legal Advisor
  • John McGowan - General Secretary, Social Workers Union
  • Julie Long  - SWU Trade Union officer 
  • Laura Sheridan - SWU Trade Union Officer 

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