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Social work in a time of Covid-19: International lessons for practice

Join us for the this event from BASW England as part of World Social Work Week

This event will feature social workers and social care workers from around the globe speaking about how they have practiced in a time of the pandemic and will be useful for anyone looking for examples of practice great social work in a time of a pandemic.

Learning outcomes -

• Reflect on common challenges which Covid-19 has brought to social work.

• Identify what good practice looks like.

• Consider how you can improve your own practice.


Compere: Mariam Raja, Lecturer and member of the BASW England social work in Disasters working group.

Joachim Mumba, International Federation of Social Workers reflecting on Ubuntu in social work during Covid-19.

Gayathri Kalathil, Social worker from India speaking about her work with tribal people in Kerala during Covid-19.

Stephano Akuzike Joseph, Social worker from Malawi examining the impact of the pandemic on local communities.

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