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Social Work Professionalism - Promoting Values, Empowering Identity

An all-Ireland celebration of World Social Work Day 2019

BASW Northern Ireland is thrilled to host, in partnership with the Irish Association of Social Workers, and kindly supported by the Social Work Strategy, its World Social Work Day celebration, Social Work Professionalism—Promoting Values, Empowering Identity, on 19 March 2019.

This is an exciting opportunity for social workers from across the island of Ireland to meet and share their views on the importance of encouraging a professional social work identity.

The format will be interactive, with a series of informal workshops enabling attendees to discuss issues including: what it means to have a professional social work identity, the role of CPD in supporting identity, service users’ views on professionalism, and the impact of regulation for a professional group.

The programme will also explore how the professional bodies and regulators from both sides of the border can work together to better support social workers to grow in confidence in their professional identity.

Social workers’ views and opinions gathered during the event will provide a vital information base to inform further research by BASW NI, IASW, NISCC and CORU. The various organisations are collaborating to develop guidance which will help social workers promote professionalism in their day-to-day practice and assist employers to provide working environments which inspire professional behaviours.

Attendance is worth 12 PiP Credits.

Please note that a set payment will be available to BASW NI attendees towards travel expenses, thanks to funding provided by Department of Health Northern Ireland.