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Social Injustice and inequalities within child protection and care systems -The impact of deprivation and austerity on local authority's children services and what we might do about it

Organised by the newly formed BASW London branch, this workshop will explore the links between rising poverty/inequalities and child protection and the children's care system in the UK, highlighting the child welfare inequalities experienced by families living in poverty.

Child welfare inequalities are defined as ‘unequal chances, experiences and outcomes of child welfare that are systematically associated with social advantage/disadvantage’. These social inequalities are made invisible by the current child protection system, and individualising narratives of risk and poor parenting dominate.

The workshop will open with a panel discussion with Anna Gupta, Professor of Social Work at Royal Holloway University of London, alongside a key member of Psychologists for Social Change and care leaver, social work student and children's support worker Aijannah di Nisci.

The panel will discuss their experiences and evidence of these social injustices and inequalities in the statutory children's care and welfare system. Anna will also present ideas on a poverty-aware paradigm for practice. 

The session will end by asking people to join working groups to think together about what collective action we might take on these issues to create systemic change within children's services, as well as within wider society. 

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