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Scotland Independents Local Network

Go Your Own Way

*** Online via Skype***   This session is an opportunity for networking and peer reflective supervision for independent social workers in Scotland. 

The SASW Independents Forum meets bi-monthly for networking, business support and 60-90 minutes of a simple but structured and confidential peer reflective practice model.

Sessions are usually facilitated by SASW National Director Alistair Brown who has worked in emergency SW, CF throughcare and aftercare, Youth and Forensic mental health roles as well as independent work.

A range of people attend who offer independent reports in various specialties including training, chairing and consultancy services. Occasionally an experienced group member may facilitate.

We would love to see more Scottish independents connect with us and the group which can be a further quality assurance mechanism for your clients. This may include very helpful peer networking and avoid costly external supervision for those who don’t require this or are doing limited work as part of a portfolio.