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SASW Community of Practice: Children & Families

’Virtual child protection case conferences – are they the way forward?”

Join us in growing our own Community of Practice and allowing Children & Families Social Workers to reflect together – in a safe environment – to improve their practice, promote the values of social work and maintain the integrity of the profession.

The Community of Practice is for children and families’ social workers who are SASW members. Non-members can attend one session before becoming a member of SASW.

The session will be held remotely using MS teams - a joining link will be shared prior to the meeting. 

Topic - Virtual child protection case conferences – are they the way forward?


The Community of Practice (CoP) is an opportunity to engage in critical reflection of practice and enhance your knowledge and understanding. Participants should come prepared to share their thoughts, experiences and reflections on the session topic.

In this session participants will reflect on how child protection case conferences (CPCCs) have been conducted since lockdown began last March. The impact on families and professionals will be looked at, we will explore any themes which have emerged, and share learning and experiences. There will be the opportunity to consider how case conferences can and should be conducted in the future.

Preparatory Tasks

Reading is assigned prior to meetings of the CoP, which then forms the basis of the discussion.

For this session it is suggested that participants read the findings of the following report:

‘Child protection conference practice during COVID-19’ by Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.

The Full Report and the Summary can be found at:

Participants may also wish to read this Community Care article, in which the report is referenced:

Think about your own practice

What has been your experience so far in this area? Have you been involved in virtual child protection case conferences? What, if any, are the advantages or disadvantages to conducting them in this way? Have there been challenges or successes which you can share learning from? What has been the impact on children and their families? Have there been any particular safety concerns? What are your views on how CPCCs should be conducted going forward?

Session breakdown

15.00 – 15.15 Connecting

Introductions. Ground rules.

15.15-16.15 Critical Reflection

Whole group discussion based on the questions outlined above.

Facilitator will take notes.

16.15-16.30 Summary

Key themes/learning from the discussion is identified and collated by the facilitator. Any action points agreed.


Further information