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Roundtable discussion on the impact of Universal Credit

BASW Cymru is hosting a one-off workshop on the 28th January 2019 to discuss the impact of the two-child tax credit cap on the families they work with.

In the 2015 Budget it was announced that child tax credit would be limited to the first two children in any family. Subsequent rebellions from across the House of Commons forced the Government into making certain concessions, for third or subsequent children conceived as the result of rape or within abusive relationships.  BASW Cymru is committed to campaigning against austerity policies that cause harm to children, adults and families with care and support needs and it is BASW Cymru’s position, ratified at the UK AGM 2018 that the cap itself is an ill-thought out and damaging policy. BASW Cymru is committed to campaigning to abolish the cap, starting with asking each of the political parties to join us in that commitment as part of their manifesto at any future general election.

The aim of the workshop will be to gather stories from members about their experiences working with families who have been affected by the cap or anticipate being affected in the near future.

Some of the issues we hope to explore include:

  • The right to family life

  • Loss of income

  • Poverty

  • The disproportionate  impact on different ethnic minority and religious groups

  • Unequal treatment of individual children by the State

By gathering your stories we can build a case to present to politicians as part of our campaign, all information your share will of course be anonimised.

In campaigning for an end to the cap, BASW Cymru will be joining its voice to that of other campaign groups and organisations including Child Poverty Action Group, the Church of England and the Children’s Society as well as adding to the incredible work already done by BASW Northern Ireland on the accompanying so-called “rape-clause”.