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The right side of regulation: recording with care and critical reflection on learning for NQSWs Training

Part of BASW's Taught Skills Programme for NQSWs

***Session for students & NQSWs only***

Part 6 of 6 in BASW's Taught Skills Programme for NQSWs - you do not to attend every session in the programme and can choose to mix sessions between cohorts. To discuss rates for block bookings of 5 or more delegates please email

Course Outline

Good record keeping serves many purposes and the frameworks of data protection, care management, and confidentiality are all areas in which participants need to be aware of. This one-day session is designed to support Newly Qualified Social Workers to effectively document their practice and incorporate meaningful analysis into all levels of case note recording and review processes to ensure staff are able to articulate clear evidence-based recommendations for the individuals care-plan.  

The course will provide participants with practical tips for ensuring case notes in all formats, for a range of purposes are concise and easy to follow, whilst still capturing the voice of the child/vulnerable adult/service user and containing the necessary depth for complex decision making and long-term care-planning. 

This Session also supports Newly Qualified Social Workers to be reflective in their practice and learning and to identify both their strengths and areas for development.

Learning Methods:

A combination of learning methods will be used throughout the day, including lecture, workshop and group work. Interactive and experiential methods, group and pair work, and interactive activities in the form of quizzes, polls, case studies, and reflection dilemmas will be used, to inform participant learning and support application to practice.

Resources Required: This course will be delivered by MS Teams, please ensure your IT equipment is updated and is running audio/visual and the latest version of Teams – please use the joining instructions provided.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will provide participants with the following learning outcomes:

  • How to write an appropriate length and dept the record.
  • How to know what to include and if anything should ever be left out,
  • How to record concisely, accurately and appropriately.
  • How to capture hypothesis & analysis.
  • How to record actions and recommendations.
  • How to be accountable and defensible
  • Lessons from Serious Case Reviews   
  • An opportunity to reflect on practice, strengths and areas for development.

Programme Outline:

9.00    Log onto Microsoft Teams and check the Tech is working          

9.30    Introductions to the session, tech and format.

9.40                Group Exercise: What makes a good record?

10.00              How do we decide what to include and what to leave out?

  • Writing accurately
  • Writing concisely
  • Writing defensibly

11.10              COFFEE & screen break

11.30              Capturing perceptions & hypothesis

  • Using evidence, theory and research
  • Explaining views of risk or future possibilities

12.00             Making Recommendations

  • Linking content to plans
  • Being SMART
  • Sharing information

12.30              LUNCH

13.15              Exploring the importance of Reflection in practice

  • Why does it matter?
  • How can we make it meaningful?
  • How can we ensure into integrated into Practice                       

14.45              COFFEE

15.00              Personal Assessment

  • Strengths
  • Areas for Development
  • Personal Plan

16.00              Final reflections, questions and feedback.

16.30              Close

The Trainer :-

Anita Gurry - Principal Social Worker
(Children & Families)

Anita is registered with Social Work England as a social worker and has worked in the health and social care sector for over 40 years. Generically trained and experienced, Anita has worked across all service user groups and at all levels in the statutory organisation.

Anita is a warranted and practising AMHP and successfully completed her BIA qualification in December 2021 (go Anita!). She has a particular interest in children and adolescent mental health, Deprivation of Liberty, MCA and the impact of trauma on the lived experience of children and adults. 

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