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Power in Family Group Conference Practice, where is it and who has it?

This webinar has been cancelled and will be reaplced with a discussion based workshop at a rescheduled date in the future


Organised by the BASW Family Group Conference Special Interest Group (FGC SIG), this webinar will kick-off with a panel presentation led by Jo Warner, author of The Emotional Politics of Child Protection supported by practitioners with significant experience of both Child Protection and FGC interventions.   The webinar will also include people with lived experience of the Family Group Conference.  An extended period of questions, answers and discussion will also be included.

The aim of the webinar is to provide insights into the often-unacknowledged issues around FGC practice and to share this with practitioners, leaders and managers to help them understand the significant benefits of restorative approaches and FGC interventions specifically.    

The Q&A/discussion will allow delegates the opportunity of developing their understanding of the values, principles and process of FGC/restorative interventions.