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Live Stream: An inquiry into new models of children's social work

Watch the final of three oral evidence sessions for the inquiry (launched by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Social Work).

An inquiry led by David Simmonds MP as co-chair of the APPG for Social Work looking into children’s social work models will have its final oral evidence session next week. We’ll be hearing from social workers, academics, and BASW representatives at the first session, with local authorities and organisations speaking at future evidence sessions.

What is the inquiry about?

This inquiry will be considering:

  • Models being used by local authorities and organisations
  • Opportunities and obstacles to adopting new models
  • The impact on outcomes for children
  • Role of public and private sector in these models

How can I join in to watch?

This event will be available via the BASW Facebook account and will be Live Streamed via Facebook.

When are the other two oral evidence sessions taking place for the inquiry?

There will be two further evidence sessions taking place on the 15th July 2021 and 9th September via Facebook Live Stream from 3pm. 

What is the evidence used for?

The evidence collected through this inquiry will contribute towards the formation of a report by the APPG which will be shared with the Department for Education.