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International Symposium on Social Work Practitioner Research: Contribution to Theory and Practice

We Build Bridges, Not Pipelines!

The event will be opened by project co-leads from Durham University and the British Association of Social Workers.

In the past years, social workers worldwide have been responding to COVID-19 with creativity and ethical commitment. We have seen innovative practice in social work being developed in the context of unprecedented public health threats, prolonged restrictions on people’s mobility as well as limited access to resources and services. Social workers’ experiences in COVID-19 have again demonstrated their continuous contribution to, not only improving the lives of individuals, families and communities, but also building new practice and theoretical knowledge that address human needs and tackle social inequalities. This symposium brings together social work practitioners, service users and academics to explore the potential and challenges for carrying out different kinds of collaborative research that address the issues facing social work profession at both local and international levels. Panel sessions will be co-led by social workers, service users and academics, covering the topics of 'evaluating innovation in practice', ' co-producing practice models', ‘capacity building and collaborative problem solving’, ‘theory application and development through networking’, 'theorising tacit knowing and practice wisdom' and 'participatory approaches to social work research'.

Conference theme: 'We Build Bridges Not Pipelines!'

The event will be opened by project co-leads from Durham University (Dr Sui-Ting Kong) and the British Association of Social Workers (Dr Jane Shears). 

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