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Deaf Awareness in Child Protection Social Work

BASW is proud to partner with Sign Health to deliver this webinar. It is designed to provide deaf awareness training to social workers, and will cover how to promote best practice when working with deaf children and families, including how strengths and risks can present differently, common barriers to fair participation in child protection processes, how to address communication needs . An overview of deaf culture and dynamics in deaf-hearing relationships will also be discussed. This will be followed by an open Q&A session.

The webinar is designed for all social work practitioners, ranging from front-line to those in senior leadership roles.

Learning aims and objectives of the webinar are:-

  • To develop an understanding of the specific needs of deaf children and families in child protection processes
  • To address common issues faced by deaf children and families within the child protection process
  • To gain an understanding of deaf culture
  • To provide an open Q&A session on the topic, designed to promote best practice.

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