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Community of Practice: Children & Families

Join us in our Community of Practice (CoP) for children and families social workers. Reflect and learn together – in a safe environment – to improve practice, promote the values of social work and maintain the integrity of the profession.

Hosted by Sarah McMillan, Professional Officer, SASW. 

**please note that this is NOT a training session, but a discussion and engagement session to gauge views**

In this session we will explore and seek members views on the Consultation on the revised National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2020. This will replace the current National Guidance published in 2014. The Guidance outlines the responsibilities of all those involved in protecting children. Social workers, along with partner agencies, have a key responsibility to prevent harm and protect children from abuse and neglect. You can view the full consultation, here. 

Among other things the Guidance seeks to ensure that it is fully integrated with the GIRFEC practice model, and that it accurately describes practice and processes critical in keeping children safe, including assessment practice. It offers a definition of ‘neglect’ and asks whether it should be defined as abuse where it is a “consequence of systemic stresses such as poverty”. It sets out the context and actions required in pre-birth assessment and support. It includes a section on the COVID-19 pandemic, and seeks views on whether any of the child protection processes which have been adapted during the crisis should be continued.

The Scottish Government are inviting responses to the consultation by 17th January 2021. At SASW we want to hear what you think about key aspects of the Guidance, to inform the response we will submit to the Scottish Government on behalf of our members. Join us in this session to share and debate views on the proposals.  

Please feel free to enjoy your lunch during the session and contact Sarah on for more information. 

This session will be held via Microsoft Teams - joining details will be circulated at a later date.