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** CANCELLED ** BASW England Domestic Abuse Workshop Series: Supporting LGBT+ Survivors of Domestic Abuse

In partnership with Galop

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  Please view our events pages for similar events

Following the launch of BASW England’s recent domestic abuse guidance, which highlighted the intersectionality of victim-survivors from marginalised backgrounds, we are proud to present the second of three sessions in the following series:

  1. Supporting Deaf Survivors of Domestic Abuse [15/07/2021]
  2. Supporting LGBT+ Survivors of Domestic Abuse [07/09/2021]
  3. Supporting Black and Minoritised Survivors of Domestic Abuse [15/10/2021]

For this session, BASW England has partnered with Galop.

Galop’s LGBT+ domestic abuse specialist training is based on our knowledge and expertise developed over decades of supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) survivors of domestic abuse and other forms of identity and gender-based violence.

Our half-a-day training course aims to increase the confidence of service providers to deliver competent and effective support to LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse. The training will deepen participants' knowledge and understanding of; the prevalence and unique dynamics and tactics of domestic abuse as experienced by LGBT+ people along with barriers in access to services faced by LGBT+ survivors and approaches services can adopt to deliver LGBT+ affirmative support


  • To provide information and build understanding and knowledge around LGBT+ people’s experiences of domestic abuse.  
  • To increase confidence and competence to deliver support that appropriately meets the needs of LGBT+ survivors.    

Main target group  

This training session is primarily intended for staff and volunteers from statutory and voluntary organisations that work with survivors of domestic abuse. The training program presupposes participants will have basic knowledge on domestic abuse (scope, impact, nature etc) and is not appropriate to be delivered to individuals or groups with little or no knowledge on domestic abuse. The training has been designed to work with groups of approximately 20 people. It is not appropriate for working with larger groups.  

LGB and/or T survivors  

While this training refers to experiences of trans people and survivors of domestic abuse and many suggestions and recommendations will apply to services supporting trans people, due to significant differences in experiences of abuse and discrimination, we encourage services to access trans-specific training to better understand the needs of this group. 

  • Opportunities for a Q&A session

Book your place below to receive joining instructions. Bookings clost at 5pm on 6th September.

Contact if you have any questions.