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A celebration of the fantastic work by student social workers and social workers during COVID-19. Never forgetting social workers that have passed away due to COVID-19 and all those who have lost a loved one.

BASW are hosting this free virtual disco with our Student and Newly Qualified Social Worker Group, featuring music from DJ Benevolent.


  • 15:00 Intro from the host Ian Thomas (BASW England Patron) including ‘Clap for Social Workers’ video.
  • 15:15 80’s & 90’s music.
  • 16:00 Panel discussion with Ian and panellists on ‘the celebrations & positive experiences of lockdown’.
  • 16:30 80’s, 90’s & modern music.
  • 17:15 Panel discussion with Ian and panellists on their ‘hopes and dreams for the future & the joys of social work’.
  • 17:45 Ian will end the ‘virtual disco’ with a ‘spoken word’ performance.
  • 18:00 DJ Benevolent will play his own selection of house music (for any serious ravers!).
  • 18:30 End.

Get Involved

People are invited to send ‘positive images of lockdown’ for the event to: by 15/07/20.

Download and share the virtual disco flyer.

How to join





Who is on the panel and what is meant by “hopes and dreams”?

The panel will be led by Ian Thomas (BASW Patron) and the volunteers the Student & NQSW Group.

Will they be able to see me if I attend?

No.  DJ Benevolent will have the camera on him most of the time and he will switch this to Ian/the panel when needed.  People will be able to interact through the chat facility if they like.

Do we have to sit at the computer? No not all! Log in and listen, dance or multitask, it is entirely up to you!

Are we allowed to drink alcohol?

Yes, please just be responsible.

Do we have to join at the start or can we join later?

You can join anytime or leave anytime you like.

Do we have to pre-book?

No, please just click on the weblink on the flyer to join on the day.

Can I make a contribution during the panel event and how do I do this?

Yes, through the chat facility.

Will I need additional software to join the event. 

No, please just click on the weblink on the flyer to join on the day. You will only need to register for a Twitch account if you want to participate in the chat function.

Will my children be able to attend during the panel discussion? 

We welcome children to join in.  If they have a relevant question, by all means they can ask a question through the chat facility.

Can service users attend? 

Anyone can attend, but these event is aimed at social workers.

Will we receive an email after the event about the discussion with the panel – to share within our teams for those who can’t attend?

 We are planning to record the event and we hope to host this on the BASW website.