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BASW England: Unpicking the Myths around Domestic Abuse

Dr Jo Neale discusses myths surrounding domestic abuse

Following the launch of BASW England’s recent domestic abuse guidance, which highlighted the intersectionality of victim-survivors from marginalised backgrounds, we are proud to present this webinar in partnership with Dr Jo Neale, who discusses myths surrounding domestic abuse.

Unpacking Myths and Stereotypes about Domestic Abuse
In this session, Jo will explore different ways of thinking about DVA, and unpacking some of the myths and stereotypes that are commonly drawn upon by practitioners and managers in services. Jo begins by looking at definitions (of ‘myth’, ‘stereotype’, ‘domestic violence and abuse’) before examining and debunking the notions that:

  • Men and women are equally abusive;
  • There are no services for male victims;
  • DVA only occurs in poor or ‘problem’ families;
  • Alcohol/drugs causes DVA.

Jo will then set out different ways of conceptualising DVA:

  1. Individualistic explanations (individual psychopathology: mental ill-health, personal inadequacy, problematic substance use);
  2. Structural explanations (disadvantage such as poverty, education, and housing; and patriarchal institutions such as our legal system, the workplace, the family, and religious communities);
  3. Poststructural explanations (intersectionality, or the ways in which social locations of age, class, ethnicity, physicality, sexuality, etc., intersect to shape individual experiences; and the ways of thinking/speaking about DVA that are available to us).

Finally, Jo will examine how these conceptualisations shape our responses to DVA

There will be an opportunity for a Q&A section at the end of the meeting

This meeting will take place on Zoom. Book your place below to receive joining instructions.

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