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BASW England Student & NQSW event: Celebrate and challenge multi-agency working.

An event to explore, celebrate and challenge multi-agency working with the voices of professionals and experts by experience, shared to generate learning and reflection.

This event will provide students and practitioners with the opportunity to learn more about some of the professions that can form part of multi-agency working. We are delighted to be welcoming guest speakers who work in practice as well as experts by experience, who are sharing aspects of their experiences.

The aim of this event is to generate learning and reflection, whilst considering the role of social work more holistically. Additionally, to begin to question and consider the key skills required to ensure that those we are working with, get the very best outcomes.

This event will share and celebrate examples of great multi-agency working but there will also be discussion surrounding the challenges of multi-agency working, how it has and does take place, to enable reflection and improved communication and relationships.

As studying and trained professionals, it is important that we embark on these exciting and sometimes challenging conversations to ensure we are committed to the principles of working in anti-oppressive, empowering and kind ways.

Due to the multi-agency nature of this event, BASW England have kindly agreed to make this an open event for all and would therefore welcome you to share this with fellow students and colleagues.