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BASW England Domestic Abuse Workshop Series: Supporting Deaf Survivors of Domestic Abuse

In partnership with Sign Health

Following the launch of BASW England’s recent domestic abuse guidance, which highlighted the intersectionality of victim-survivors from marginalised backgrounds, we are proud to present the first of three half-day workshops in the following series:

  1. Supporting Deaf Survivors of Domestic Abuse [15/07/2021]
  2. Supporting LGBT+ Survivors of Domestic Abuse [7/9/2021]
  3. Supporting Black and Minoritised Survivors of Domestic Abuse [15/10/2021]

For this session, BASW England has partnered with Sign Health, a charity working to support the deaf community, to provide bespoke CPD training on how best social workers can meet the needs of deaf victim-survivors in cases of domestic abuse. We will be joined by Marie Vickers, Manager of SignHealth’s Domestic Abuse Service.

This will be an interactive, reflective space for practitioners to develop skills crucial to meeting the needs of a group who are up to twice as likely to experience domestic abuse. The learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To understand deaf culture and common misconceptions within child protection and social care settings
  • Develop understanding of how deaf survivors may experience unique forms of abuse
  • To discover typical barriers faced by deaf survivors when trying to access services
  • Discover practice-based tools which can be used to effectively support survivors
  • Provide a safe, reflective space for practitioners to apply learning to their practice/case studies
  • Opportunities for a Q&A session

Book your place below to receive joining instructions. Bookings clost at 5pm on 14th July.

Contact if you have any questions.