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BASW England Children & Families Group Seminar: Child Violence

Challenging childhood violent and aggressive behaviour towards adult carers


  • Al Coates: Al is a parent and independent social worker that has campaigned for better understanding and practice in relation to supporting parents and carers of children who display challenging and aggressive behaviour.  
  • Rachael Ward is an Advanced NVR Practitioner working for Rise Mutual CIC.  RISE are an organisation that delivers a range of behavioural change programmes and innovative solutions to reduce re-offending and abuse, change behaviour and transform the lives of individuals, families and communities. Rachael is currently working with both parents/carers and professionals to support them to navigate the world of parenting violent, destructive and aggressive young people. Rachael also works with vulnerable or at risk young people with complex needs in order for them to realise their abilities, aspirations and make positive changes.

This seminar-workshop will examine the issue of child violence towards adult carers including parents, grandparents and adoptive carers and will discuss:

  • Some of the lessons for social workers.
  • Examples of practice improvement.
  • Ways you can improve your service to families.

Joining details will be provided when you book.  Contact for further details.

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