Social Work Role in Domestic Abuse

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Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT

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The Social Work Role in Domestic Abuse
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Wednesday 22nd March 2017
Venue: Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh
Time: 12.30pm (for lunch) - 4.30pm
Price: £20 SASW members: £30 non-members (includes lunch on arrival)
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This participative event, delivered in partnership with Scottish Women’s Aid, is part of a week of SASW activity related to the theme of this year’s World Social Work Day “Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability”. This theme is grounded within social work; its values and ethics and the application of best practice in Scotland today. Social work is about social justice, promoting welfare, and supporting people and communities to make lasting changes which allow all our citizens to have equal opportunities and better life experiences
We will focus on what social workers can do to identify domestic abuse and its impact, and promote the rights and needs of women and children who experience it.
Social work systems cannot achieve their core mission of safety and wellbeing of families without being competent and skilful in their response to domestic abuse. A recent report from Legal Action for Women (in England) showed out of 56 mothers who had sought legal advice about their children taken into care 71% had been victims of domestic abuse and/or rape. Social workers in Scotland are becoming increasingly aware of how domestic abuse intersects with the complex needs of the people we work with.
SASW and Scottish Women’s Aid would like to explore emerging themes of good social work practice in Scotland in regards to:
● holding perpetrators accountable
● aligning the interests of domestic abuse survivors and child protection social workers to eliminate safety an risk concerns regarding domestic abuse
● recognising the complex needs of the people who are affected by domestic abuse.

Date : 22nd March 2017

Time : 12.30 - 16.30

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